Empty out the trunk first.

Shopping in Greater New Haven is about the eclectic, the obsessed and the unexpected. It’s about running across stores with their own personalities, stores that aren’t anywhere else: the painstaking craft of Fair Haven Furniture, the rambling charm of Whitlock Farm Booksellers in Bethany, the chocolate mice of Marjolaine in New Haven. The Shops at Yale offer an afternoon’s worth of boutiques. The centers of shoreline towns like Milford, Branford, Guilford and Madison are lined with intimate, inimitable storefronts.

  • 600guilfordartcenter
  • 600Apple1
  • 600idiom2
  • 600ChapelStHistoricDist
  • 600yalebookstore blazo
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  • The Shop at Guilford Art Center
  • Apple, New Haven
  • idiom, New Haven
  • Chapel Street Historic District, New Haven
  • The Yale Bookstore, New Haven (photo: Steve Blazo)
  • lou lou Boutique, New Haven