The Amistad

amistad marsland  

Photo: Michael Marsland/Yale University

Long Wharf, New Haven
Mystic Seaport

Upcoming 2018 dates (more to come):
May 7th -16th
June 1st & 2nd

The Amistad Schooner is a replica of the ship made famous for its role in the anti-slavery movement. In October 2016, it will be welcomed back to New Haven with a special event at Long Wharf Pier. Details are to be announced soon.

In 1839, African Mendi Warriors were captured in Africa by Spanish slave traders. While off the coast of Cuba aboard a Spanish schooner named the Amistad, they overtook the boat and were found by a United States patrol boat. Because New Haven had a U.S. District Court, the Mendi and their leader, Cinque, were imprisoned and tried in the city. The Amistad landed at Long Wharf on its voyage to New Haven for the trial. At the end of a three-year trial that received national attention, the court ruled that the Mendi had been kidnapped into slavery in violation of Spanish law and the Mendi were able to return to their homeland.