There’s no doubt Greater New Haven is an international dining destination, the names say it all.

Restaurants like Barcelona, Som Siam Thai Restaurant, Coromandel Cuisine of India, and La Luna promise a multicultural feast and they deliver deliciously. Not too long ago the core ethnic dining experience in Greater New Haven was based upon our strong Italian-American heritage, from the famed coal-fired apizza from Pepe’s and Sally’s to the elegant dining of Tre Scalini. While we haven’t forsaken our culinary roots we’ve certainly expanded our horizons. Our region (a mere 369 square miles) offers cuisine from Ethiopia, Asia, Austria, France, Greece, Mexico, Japan, Cuba…the list goes on and on.

We enthusiastically embrace global fare but we still cherish our local produce. Restaurants throughout the region incorporate fruits, vegetables, honey and cheese from neighboring farms into their seasonal menus. While the recipes are perpetually evolving, the results are consistently delectable at Claire’s Corner Copia, Zinc, Miya’s Sushi and Heirloom at The Study. And since no mouthwatering meal would be complete without a glass of vino, indulge in the fruits of the local vineyards’ labor with wine from Gouveia, Paradise Hills, Savino or Bishop’s vineyards and wineries.

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  • Olea, New Haven
  • Brazi's Italian Restaurant, New Haven
  • Heirloom at The Study, New Haven
  • L'Orcio, New Haven